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Nella giornata di ieri il team comandato da Patchou ha rilasciato la nuova versione del più famoso componente aggiuntivo per windows live messenger,ovvero messenger plus live,giunto ormai alla versione 4.80Questa versione non si discosta molto dalla 4.70,ma corregge tutti,ma proprio tutti,i bug del programma,e include nuove compatibilità con la versione 2009 di msn.Quindi vi lascio al link per il download,mentre dopo il salto troverete un comunicato dello stesso creatore.

**Aggiornamento:**Ricordo Nella installazione di Segnare il Checkbox “NON VOGLIO INSTALLARE IL PROGRAMMA SPONSOR” ,senno potete prendere virus



After a longer than usual beta period, the new Messenger Plus! is finally ready and can be found in the download section of this site. Of course, the main attraction of version 4.80 is full compatibility with the latest version of Messenger, Windows Live Messenger 2009, and when we say “full compatibility”, we mean just that. You won’t find any ”light” trimmed-down version of your add-on here.

Despite the lack of visual changes in the software, the change log shows that many things were done under the hood. As often, scripts and skins in particular got their good share of improvements. There are now more than 500 of them in the official databases of this site. This means that you could spend the next month customizing Messenger with Plus!, its scripts and its skins and you would still haven’t seen everything. Big thanks to all the developers who keep on working on these improvements to make our daily IM life better.

In addition to the bug fixes and cosmetic improvements, this new Messenger Plus! also allows external developers to modify Messenger’s encoded windows’ files (UIB files) like they did with previous versions of Messenger.

More information about that can be found in the skinning documentation. Note to all the developers reading this: Messenger Plus! is not required to be installed on your users’ computers for this feature to be used. The UIB files generated by Messenger Plus! can be read by Messenger just like the original ones which means that you can do the modifications you want on your system, encode the files and distribute the final result with your application.

Thank you for your renewed trust and support :-). Let’s have another great year together